Oatland Plantation
St. Simons Island, Georgia


Silas Taylor Family

On July 20, 1836, Silas Wesley Taylor married Margaret Charlotte Lowrie (sometimes “Lowry”) in Glynn County, Georgia (Glynn County Marriages Webpage n.d.). This is the earliest record found of Silas Taylor in Glynn County, where he lived until his death in about 1879.

Children of Silas Taylor and Margaret Charlotte Lowrie

(1) Julia King Taylor, the eldest daughter of Silas and Margaret C. Taylor, was born June 17, 1837, and died on December 7, 1915.
(2) John Wesley Taylor was Silas and Margaret Taylor’s oldest son. He was born January 4, 1838, but John Wesley Taylor, only 44 years old, died on May 17, 1882, from his injuries (Taylor 1950).
(3) Anne Elizabeth Taylor, the third child of Silas and Margaret Taylor, was born on October 17, 1840, at Hampton Plantation on Butlers Point on St. Simons Island. She died in Brunswick on May 25, 1923 (one source says 1928), at the age of 83.
(4) Margaret Adelaide (or Adeline) Taylor was born at Hampton Plantation on St. Simons on December 23, 1843, and died in Glynn County on September 13, 1921.
(5) Henry Clay Taylor was born at Butlers Point on St. Simons Island on June 7, 1846, and died in Waycross, Georgia, on August 16, 1893.
(6) William Curtis Taylor was born on Hampton Plantation at Butlers Point on St. Simons on December 26, 1847, and died at Frederica on St. Simons Island on July 7, 1917. He is buried in the Frewin-Stevens-Taylor lot at Christ Church, Frederica.

Belle and William Taylor had nine children (Parker and Langley 1984). These were:

1. Annie Belle Taylor (January 18, 1877-1933), married Donald Cameron McCaskill, one child, D.C. McCaskill, Jr.
2. Charles William Taylor (February 26, 1878-December 8, 1933), unmarried
3. Richard Roy Taylor (Sept17, 1879-1882), died as a child
4. Arthur Allen Taylor (August 26, 1880 (1881?)-1950), married Willie O. Knudsen, four children: Althea, Arthur Allen, Charles Douglas and Elizabeth.
5. Herman Douglas Taylor (March 2, 1883-December 14, 1977), married Alberta Gould Hasell, no children
6. Edna Gertrude Taylor (August 6, 1885-?), married Malcolm McCaskill, two children: William Bruce and Maude Estelle.
7. Maude Estelle Taylor (February 8, 1889-?), married James Shadman, one child Postell, died in service in World War II
8. Archibald Robert Taylor (April 18, 1890-June 6, 1964), married Olive Waite, one adopted child, Archibald, Jr.
9. Reginald Arnold Taylor (September 10, 1891-October 15, 1962), married Banford L. Bush (April 21, 1920, Christ Church, Frederica), four children: Isabelle V. Stevens, Reginald A. Jr., Banford Lafleva and Sarah Elizabeth

(7) Richard H. Taylor appears in the Silas Taylor house hold in the1860 census as a child of 10, indicating he was born in 1850 or 1851 (U.S. Census 1860b).
(8) Mary Augusta Taylor, the youngest child of Silas and Margaret Taylor was born in September 1854, after the family had moved to the mainland.