Oatland Plantation
St. Simons Island, Georgia


Fraser Family

Bacon Fraser Home

The Bacon-Fraser House was built on a 23 acre tract situated on the eastern boundary of the town of Hinesville in 1839 by Mary Jane Bacon, widow of Major John Bacon. The house has been owned and lived in by their heirs until the present time. 
The architecture is 'plantation plain style' and its workmanship reflects the work of the best craftsmen of the day. The front and two-story section remains virtually unchanged. However, the two shed rooms and kitchen to the rear were removed and additional rooms added in 1923. The 1923 section was removed in 1979-1980 and replaced by shed rooms, porch, dining room and kitchen on the original foundation in the architectural style and interior design of the 1839 era. 

A detachment of Sherman’s army assaulted the plantation in December in 1864, pillaging, looting and burning. THE HOUSE WAS SPARED THE TORCH, but the barn and all outbuildings were burned by the Northern troops.

If you are interested in more information please contact me. We have lots of pictures but I am attaching a few that I had easy access to (excuse my child in the Christening gown, but take note of the house- the yard is large and equally as beautiful).

Many thanks,
 Emily Fraser Vance 


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