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             Descendants of James Gould

1 James Gould [CC A17-K] b. 1772 d. 3-Sep-1852

m. Mary Jane Harris m. 1802 d. 1817

Bought St. Clair tract which included ‘Black Banks’. Named ‘Rose Hill’ tract by family. Won

contact from US Government to build first light house on St. Simons.

2 Mary E. H. Gould [CC A17-L] b. 1809 d. 9-Apr-1872

2 James Gould

2 Horace Bunch Gould [CC A17-U] b. 12-Aug-1812 d. 7-Apr-1884

m. Deborah Abbott [CC A17-T] m. 1845 b. 31-Jan-1829 d. 26-Sep-1906

[daughter of Richard Abbott and Agnes]

3 Jane Agnes(Jennie) Gould [CC A17-AE] b. 1846 d. 1914

m. Benjamin McIntyre

4 Gould McIntyre

4 Horace Mcintyre

3 Jessie Caroline Gould [CC A17-H] b. 8 Apr 1848 d. 23-Feb-1921

m. Wilson Campbell [CC A17-H] b. 6 Jul 1837 d. 6-Dec-1868

4 Agnes Campbell [CC A17-D] b. 6 Oct 1868 d. 16-Apr-1952

m. Alfred Lamar Hartridge [CC Al 7-G] d. 1935

5 Alfred Hartridge, Jr. [CC B119] b. 20 May 1909 d. 26 Jan 1997

m. Nell Bryan [CC B119] b. 11 Oct 1910 d. 23 Nov 1992

5 Earle M. Hartridge [CC B138] b. 9-Jan-1887 d. 25-Jan-1958

m. Gabrielle Gassin [CC B138] b. 22-Jun-1900 d. 28-Jun-1958

6 Earl Hartridge

m. kaye

7 Trena Hartridge

7 Trace Hartridge

3 Elizabeth Gould b. 1850

m. Mr. Perry

4 Ora Perry

m. Albert Wright

5 Mary Francis Wright

5 Ruby Wright

4 May Perry

m.? Reeves

3 Horace Abbott Gould [CC A17-E] b. 25 Mar 1852 d. 29-Nov-1929

m. Alberta Telfair Wetter [CC A17-F] b. 5 Feb 1865 d. 16 Aug 1920

4 Mildred Gould [unmarried]

4 Harriet Gould [CC A17-FA] b. 24-Jun-1892 d. 1892

4 Louise Gould

m. Ernest Boatman

5 Mildred Esther Boatman

5 Nina Margaret Boatman

5 Louise Boatman

3 Mary Francis Gould b. 1854

3 Anna Deborah Gould [CC A1 -K] b. 1856 d. 1927

m. Anson Green Phelps Dodge, Jr. [CC A1-N] d. 1898

[son of Anson Green Phelps Dodge and Rebecca Wainwright Grew]

4 Anson Green Phelps Dodge, Ill [CC Al-L] b. 1891 d. 1894

3 Helen Richardson Gould [CC A17-AB] b. 1861 d. 1934

m. Lieut. E. P. Cantwell [CC A17-AA]

4 Herbert Cantwell

m. Raisa

4 Maria Cantwell

m. Archibald Barnwell

5 Helen Barnwell

5 Archibald Barnwell, Jr.

4 Emma Prentice Cantwell [Unmarried]

3 Ange Gould [CC A17-A] b. 1863 d. 1934

m. W.Frederick Steuart [CC A17-A] b. 1843 d. 1899

4 Frederick Steuart, Jr.

m. wife ?

5 Osinge Steuart

5 Mauson Steuart

5 Mary Alice Steuart

4 Calvert Steuart

m. Alice Wilson

4 Angela Steuart

m. Robert Hopkins

5 Robert Hopkins, Jr.

5 Angela Hopkins

5 Stewart Hopkins

4 Jessie Steuart

m. Tom Wood

4 Deborah Steuart

m. Eugene Marlin

5 Deborah Marlin

5 Eugene Marlin, Jr.

5 Angela Marlin

3 Joseph Edward Gould [CC A17-G] b. 8-Jan-1866 d. 3-Nov-1945

m. Jessie Wilcox [CC A17-B] b. 24-Sep-1871 d. 28-Aug-1960

4 Dorothy Gould [died infancy]

3 James Dunn Gould [CC A17-S] b. 1859 d. 1-Sep-1934

m. Mary Jane Greene [CC A17-R] d. 16-Jul-1924

Nickname “Muddie”

4 Julia Weed Gould [CC A17-V] b. 26-May-1885 d. 7-Jun-1951

m. William Morrison

5 Julie Morrison [CC B124-E] b. 28 Nov 1919 d. 7 Sep 2002

m. Eustace Shelfer [CC B124-D] b. 8 May I910 d. 3 May 1999

4 Mary Abbott Gould [CC A17-N] b. 8 Nov 1886 d. 21 Nov 1886

Died as infant.

4 Alberta Telfair Gould [CC B143-L] b. 22-Dec-1888 d. 1-Mar-1969

m. Nathaniel Ingraham Hasell [CC A17-P] m. 22-Dec-1908 b. 8-Jun-1876 d. 2 Oct 1913

[son of Nathaniel Ingraham Hasell and Catherine LaBruce Mortimer]

m. Herman Douglas Taylor [CC B143-K] m. 10-Apr-1918 b. 3-Mar-1883 d. 14-Dec-1977

(Alberta Gould) Lived in Charleston when first married. Moved to St. Simons after husband’s death and

lived in small house near current Jimmy Gould home on Frederica Road. Married Herman

Taylor and built house and lived at Frederica until 1948. Moved to Oatland and built house

from material taken from Frederica house. For many years worked for US Post Office

delivering mail. Was very active at Christ Church and in charge of Altar for many years.

Loved to garden and spent many hours each day.

(Nathaniel Hasell) Light house keeper.

(Herman Taylor) Worked as Capt. of lumber raft tow boat at young age. Worked as care taker of Little St.

Simons for 60+ years. Purchased Oatland from Sea Island Co. in 1948 and moved there

after home location at Frederica was taken over by US Park Service. Was born in house on

top of the old Frederica Fort. Loved outdoors and hunting! fishing.

5 Baby Hasell [CC A17-Q] b. _____ d. 23 Dec 1910

5 Catherine Mortimer Hasell [CC B125-B] b. 18-Nov-1911 d. 22 Feb 2000

m. James Robert Bruce [CC A90-H] m. 28-Nov-1934 b. 7-Oct-191O d. 1-Jul-1959

[son of Edward Cecil Bruce and Lucy May Dixon]

m. Lloyd Rueben Grider m. 4-Mar-1974 b. Oct 1,

[son of Rufus Haskell Grider and Nancy Elizabeth Eldridge]

James Robert Bruce - Law degree from Univ of Georgia, Also attended Emory University.

Was lawyer in business with brothers Ed and Charles in Bruce Insurance Agency located

across from Ritz theater on Newcastle St. in Brunswick. Also had office next to Strother

Hardware on St. Simons and spent several days a week there. Played golf at Sea Island

Course on St. Simons without fail on Wed afternoon and Sat morning.

6 James Robert Bruce, Jr b. 6-Feb-I 939

m. Barbara Loretta Thawley m. 26-Sep-1959 b. 28-Mar-1939

[daughter of Charles Brooks Thawley,lV and Ruth Virginia Frye]

(James Bruce Jr.) Went to Glynn Academy 1954-57. Attended Ga Tech 1957-62(BSEE). Air Force Lieut. at

Guthrie AFS in Charleston WV from 1962-1965. Worked for Boeing Co. at Kennedy AFB

at Cape Canaveral from 1965 to 1972 on Minuteman ICBM test program. Worked at

Honeywell Inc. at Clearwater Fla. from 1972-1999 as designer and then manager of

computer design department. Took 3 years off from Honeywell 1978-81 to consultant on

environmental project for Fla Power & Light and Orlando Utilities working with Ray Lyerly.

Moved to St. Simons and built house at Oatland in 1999.

7 James Robert Bruce, Ill [CCA91-l] b. 1-Jun-1960 d. 17-Jan-1982

7 Elizabeth Ellen Bruce b. 10-Mar-1963

m. Jeffrey Alan Jarvis m. 20-Feb-1993 b. 26-Apr-I 962

8 Charles Paul Jarvis b. 25 Feb 1995

8 Jamie Catherine Jarvis b. ii Feb 1996

7 John Charles Bruce b. 31-Jan-1965

m. Rebecca Sue Hawethorne m. 9-Jan-1988 b. 13-Jun-I967

[daughter of Elliott Hawethorne, Jr. and Linda Russell]

m. Heather Alice Booth m. 30 Mar 2002

8 Kady Scarlett Bruce b. 25-Sep-i 990

8 Ava Alice Bruce b. 10 Mar 2004

6 Douglas Albert Bruce b. 4-Feb-1942 d. 13 Jul2003

m. Judy Brown m. 1961

m. Anne Rogers

m. Chandra Marie Lowe m. 21-Jun-1979 b. 5-Dec-1954

[daughter of Thomas Max Lowe and Mildred Shirley Stack]

m. Sandy?

7 Douglas Christopher Loren Bruce b. 21-Mar-1963

7 Fred Bruce b. 4 Jan 1964

m. Angela??

8 Cassidy Bruce b. 11 Dec 2000

7 Thomas Lloyd Bruce b. 28-Mar-1987

7 Matthew Lawrence Bruce b. 4-Jun-I 989

5 Nathaniel lngraham Hasell [CC B142-J] b. 7-Apr-1914 d. 21-Oct-1990

m. Jacqueline Ann Vickers m. 14-Oct-1939 b. 5-Dec-1920

[daughter of Jack Julian Vickers and Rosalie Ramsey]

6 Barabara Lee Hasell b. 18-Dec-1941

m. Bascom Murrah b. Sep 28,

[son of Bascom Murrah and Mary Jessop]

7 Chip Murrah b. 4-Oct-1960

m. Nancy

7 Natalie Murrah b. 18-May-1962

7 Patrick Murrah b. 12-Apr-1964

m. Allison

7 Lee Murrah b. 6-Apr-1971

6 Jacqueline Ann Hasell b. 16-Oct-1943

m. David Midgley Davis m. 22-Dec-1967 b. 17-May-1944

7 John Davis b. 17-Mar-1976

6 Nathaniel Ingraham Hasell b. 15-Dec-1953

m. Pam McMurrian m. 14-Feb-1976 b. 20-Nov-1953

7 Stephanie Hasell b. 16-Aug-1982

7 Nathaniel lngraham Hasell b. 31-May-1988

4 Richard Abbott Gould [CC A0-H] b. 19-Oct-I889 d. 20-May-1961

m. Carrie Stacy [CC AO-HJ b. 7-May-I886 d. 22-Aug-i 954

Lived on Gloucester St. in Brunswick near location of Glynn Co. Annex Building. Operated

Hardware store on Gloucester St. in Brunswick.

5 Richard Abbott Gould, Jr. [CC A0-HA] b. 26-Mar-1926 d. 2-Sep-1963

4 Potter Farwell Gould [CC A0-D] b. 1892 d. 1984

m. Lois Futch [CC AO-D] b. 1896 d. 1979

Worked for Sea Island Co. in accounting for many years.

5 Jeanne Gould [CCAO-B] b. 1919 d. 1956

m. ?? Werner

5 Joseph Edward Gould

m. Ellen Winger

m. Katie Patrick

6 Ronald David Gould

5 David Green Gould b. 1924

m. Virginia H. [CC AO-C] b. 1926 d. 1999

6 David Green Gould, Jr.

6 Deborah Virginia Gould

m. ? Stubbs

5 Grace Elizabeth Gould b. 15 Feb 1932

m. Leo Elmont Carver b. 7 Aug 1918 d. 3 Jul 1998

4 Mary Elizabeth Gould [CC B145-O] b. 16-Jul-1994 d. 20-Jun-1969

m. Livingston W. Everett [CC B145-O] b. 16-Oct-1892 d. 29-Sep-1973

Worked for US Post Office for many years as Postmaster for St. Simons. Lived across from

Light House.

Operated Everette’s Grocery on corner of Mallory and Butler for many years.

5 Mary Jane Everett [CC B145-P] b. 4 Oct 1922 d. 8 Sep 1994

m. Lee Vincent Howe [CC B145-P] b. 19 Mar 1820 d. 8 Jun 2000

6 Vince Howe

6 Elizabeth Howe

5 Livingston W. Everett, Jr. [CC Bi45-N] b. 6 Aug 1926 d. 16 Nov 2002

m. Marjory Whelchel

Native of St. Simons. Veteran of the Navy, serving 2 years in WWll. Attended Emory Univ.

and graduated from Univ. of Chattanooga, Tenn. Employed by Hercules-Brunswich

Federal Credit Union as manager and as a bookkeeper at First Georgia Bank. Member of

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Lives in Acworth, GA

6 Barbara Everett

m. Bob Knysz

6 Joanne Everett

m. Ed Ressler

6 Kim Everett

m. Jeff Miller

7 Jared Miller

7 Ryan Miller

4 James Dunn Gould, II [CC A0-l] b. 30-Mar-I 896 d. 3-Aug-1975

m. Clara Wood [CC A0-l] d. 27-Nov-i 962

Operated Gould Ford Motor Co. on Newcastle St. in Brunswick (next to Ritz Theater) for

many years. Was active in local politics and held several positions?

5 James Dunn Gould, Ill

m. Mary Francis Young

6 James Dunn Gould, IV

6 Cannon Gould

m. Beth?

7 Rebecca b. 1985

7 Son I ? b. 1990

7 Summer b. 1995

6 Beckie Delia Gould [CC A0-G] b. 1962 d. 1964

5 Clara Marie Gould [CC A0-J] b. 12 Jul 1924 d. 10 Jan 2000

4 Horace Bunch Gould [CC AO-A] b. 8-Feb-1898 d. 21-Aug-1979

m. Emmie E. Curry [CC AO-A] b. 11-Sep-1896 d. 30-Jul-1975

Career Naval Officer. Spent many years living in Jaxsonville Fla. in Arllington area.

4 Orville Richardson Gould [CC AI7-O] b. 29 Nov 1899 d. 29-Sep-1900

Died as infant.

4 Felicite Richardson Gould [CC A0-F] b. 25-Sep-I902 d. 1-Oct-1971

m. Jefferson A. Powell [CC AO-F] b. 19-Mar-1899 d. 20-Dec-1960

Lived in Albany Ga. with husband Jeff who worked for the Ga Dept of Trans. No children.

2 Jane Gould [CC A17-I] b. 15 Nov 1815 d. 13-Sep-1883

m. Orville Richardson [CC A17-J] b. 2 Apr 1803 d. 4-JuI-1871

3 James Richardson [CC A17-MA] b. _____ d. 25-Dec-1908

3 Helen Mary Richardson [CC A17-M] b. 1806 d. 2 Nov 1810