Oatland Plantation
St. Simons Island, Georgia


Fort Frederica Area


From 18xx until 1945 the Fort Frederica Area was the home of the Taylor Families and the Anson Dodge
Boys Home.  The property was taken by the US Government in 1945 for a National Park.
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Anson Dodge Boys Home in 1920s

Mrs.Anna Gould and the boys from the Anson Dodge Memorial Home

  River view of Fort magazine and barn belonging to Taylors

Fort Frederica Ruins

Fort Frederica Ruins

Fort Frederica Ruins

Frederica School - April 17, 1898 - Julia Gould's first year at school

192x Kids at Frederica - Buddy Hasell at right with hat

Buddy Hasell at Frederica - Fort in background

1891 Anson Dodge III

Catherine Hasell & Buddy Hasell at Frederica House

 At Frederica 1920- Horace Gould, wife Emmy Gould, Mary Jane Greene Gould (Muddie) (Horace's mother)
and Buddy Hasell with gun

Buddy Hasell, Bob Bruce, Dutch Everett, Jim Gould, Richard Gould, Horace Gould, Douglas Taylor and Jeff Powell



Logs were brought from the Altamaha River to the sawmill at Gascoigne Bluff. Ewolin Shaw with loaded lighters in Porters Reach

Buddy Hasell at Frederica House

Possible Christ Church Outing at Frederica