Oatland Plantation
St. Simons Island, Georgia


Gould Family

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James Dunn Gould

Family Tree

Descendents of James Gould - 3 generations (pdf)
Descendents of James Gould - 10 generations (pdf)
Descendants of James Dunn Gould - 2 generations (pdf)


Family Documents

Mary Francis Gould 1854-1934 (pdf)

The Storm of 1898 (pdf)

Alberta Gould Wedding Announcement
Confederate Home College
Remembrances by Aunt Agnes (pdf)
Received from Barbara Knysz (Marjory Everett's daughter)
Joseph Edward Gould Articles
Remembrances by Horace Abbott Gould (1927)
Eugenia Price Gould Family Narrative (damaged - pdf)
Article on the 1962 Price Letters by Stephen Doster -pdf

Julia & Mary Gould Postmasters at St. Simons
1924 Death Mary Greene"Muddie" Gould
1924 Letter to Horace - Muddie's Last Few Days
1997 Funeral Alfred Lamar Hartridge
1999 Funeral Virginia H. Gould
2000 Obit Lee Howe

1944 Letter Richard Gould Jr. to Kitty Bruce

1992 Gould Property Sale for Harrison Point Subdivision
1992 Gould Property Sale for Harrison Point Subdivision-2

Horace Gould - President of Retired Officers Club

Prayer Book given to Catherine Hasell by J. D. Gould



    1910 - James Dunn Gould Family        
     Front Row - Horace, James Dunn , Felicite, Mary Jane, James Dunn II        
     Back Row - Mary, Richard, Julia, Potter, Alberta 


Children of James Dunn and Mary Jane Green Gould. Felicite Richardson was born later.